2016 Kamp for Kids - August 12-14, 2016

Diabetes Incorporated provides a diabetes camp for families of children with diabetes.  The diabetes family camp is held annually at Outlaw Ranch in the beautiful southern Black Hills over a three day period.

Those living with Type 1 diabetes know how difficult it is to create a balance in everyday life; a perfect harmony between carbohydrates eaten, insulin injected, physical activity, stress, hormones, etc.  The campers participate in educational sessions, outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and geo-caching.  Several medical professionals volunteer their assistance and consultation for the camp duration.  Camp is an excellent opportunity for fun activities, family learning about diabetes and networking with health professionals and other families.  Registration packets will be mailed out the first part of May.

Riding on Insulin - Terry Peak

The Riding on Insulin camp was held at Terry Peak, SD on January 24, 2015.  See some of the pictures of the event below.  Next year's camp date is January 23, 2016.  


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